Welcome to Enduro

Enduro brings endurance to Archivematica-based preservation workflows.

Enduro is a proof of concept. It aims to provide a tool to orchestrate reliable workflows where multi-pipeline Archivematica deployments are integrated with other systems.

It could be seen as a replacement for automation-tools, but it is also a new space for experimentation and research to build a distributed system that enables users to run failure-oblivious and durable preservation workflows.


Motivation, goals, non-goals and system design.


Follow this guide to install Enduro and its dependencies.

User Manual

For end-users: how to use the Enduro dashboard to import batches of transfers into Archivematica.

API Reference

Enduro API described with OpenAPI.


This section aims to introduce developers to our internal development practices.

Contribution Guidelines

How to contribute to Enduro.

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