What is Enduro?

And its use case.

Enduro is a new automation tool built by Artefactual to support advanced Archivematica setups and integrations with other systems and workflows. Specifically, it was built to meet the following requirements:

  • High level of automation
  • High throughput
  • Processing visibility
  • Single user interface to manage multiple Archivematica pipelines
  • Issue resolution / Error handling capabilities
  • Fault tolerance
  • Additional workflows: pre-ingest, post-ingest

Use case

Enduro provides automated workflows to multi-pipeline Archivematica deployments that are integrated with other systems. Enduro will automatically:

  • Perform pre-ingest tasks such as metadata verification
  • Transfer SIPs into Archivematica for ingest
  • Monitor the ingest process and create an alert if an error occurs
  • Log an activity when the AIP is stored
  • Send relevant data to external systems from the AIP
  • Clean up the Archivematica dashboard and remove the SIP from the watched transfer folder for all successful ingests
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